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How to download and Submitt Assignments

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a course at MKU Virtual Campus?

To apply as an MKU virtual Learning Student you have two options;

1. Manual Application

  • Download the application form from this website.
  • fill the form with all the requirements
  • attach the form with your academic qualifications and forward the form to the MKU Virtual Campus(Union Towers, 6th Floor, Nairobi)
  • Remember to pay the application fee(1000 for diploma and undergraduate and 2000 for the post-graduate)

2. Apply online at

Where and who do I contact incase I need more help?

The coordination of the MKU Virtual Learning students is officially done in the MKU Virtual Campus, Located at Nairobi, Union Towers, 6th floor.

Get all our contacts from our contacts page in this website or by simply clicking here

 Feel free to drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you give credit transfers?

Yes!  We give credit tranfsfers up to a maximum of 15 exemptions. Download our credit transfer form from here. 

Fill in the details and attach your supporting documents(Certificates and transcripts from the previous institutions) then forward to our offices or through   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I pay my school fee?

You can pay fee directly to any of our bank accounts as follows.

Equity Bank, ACC. No- 0090292435067
Fina Bank, ACC. No- 2014200002
Standard Chartered Bank, ACC. No- 0102049817400
Family Bank, ACC. No- 0539022202

or you can write a bankers Cheque/ Money Order to Mount Kenya University

NB: Fees to be paid at respective banks and receipts dropped at Union Towers, Virtual Campus, 6th floor

We have very flexible and friendly payment procedure, Pay 30% fee’s at the beginning of the semester and register for units to be done, then clear the balance before the end of the semeser. No student will be allowed to sit for the exam having not cleared the oustanding balance.

How do I submit my Assignments?

CATs and Assignments are posted online in the e-learning portal  to be accessed by all our students, all student should adhere to the instructions and should submit the CATs and Assignments online direct to their respective online lecturer.

Students should always submit their CATs and Assignment within the set time and anyone who submitts after the deadline is penalised.

Copying of CATs or Assignment is taken as a serious plagerism offence and will be highly penalised.

Are the CATs and Assignment Compulsory?

Yes!  They are copulsory and failure to submit them at all or on time will be penalised. They both contribute 30% of the unit work and the final exam 70%, adhere to this please.

How do I get a Username and Password?

As a registered student you will get a username and password from our E-Learning portal administrator to enable you to access your course materials from the E-Learning System.

Contact him for any technical question to do with your access to your E-Learning account via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to access the E-learning Portal?

Accessing the E-Learning Portal is quite easy. Go to and log  in with your username and password. Always follow the E-Learning Portal user guide attached here to access your course materials. Contact our E-Learning Portal administrator in case of any technical problem via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I access the academic calendar

Academic calendar will always be available within the e-learning portal only for the registered students. We would urge all the students to strictly follow the calendar as stipulated.

How do I access Library services?

Once you are a registered student, you will get your Students Identification(ID) Card. Using this cards you can get access to our MKU Library both at the Main(Thika) Campus or your nearest MKU Campus Library.

Where do I sit for my Exams?

Exams are done at the end of every semester as stipulted in the academic calendar. Check on the examinition Time table from the E-learning Portal.

NB: Students can sit for the exams at MKU Virtual Campus - Union Towers, 6th Floor, Nairobi or in any other MKU Campus at their convinence but should always inform the Examination Office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. incase of any change of examination center.

What happens if I miss or fail an exam?

Missing to do an exam is penalised the same as failing an exam. Having missed to do or failed an exam, you will be given a chance to sit for a special/supplementary exam.

end faq

Welcome word


Our world today is characterized by the convergence of new information and communication technologies which have in turn condensed the world into a global village. Virtual learning is the way university education is being delivered across the world especially to those who are busy at their place of work. It is also affordable to those that may not attend face-to-face learning in a normal campus setting.

Prof. Victoria Wells Wulsin, PhD
MKU, Chancellor

We are scaling the Heights of Education Globally through MKU Virtual Campus which is facilitated and commissioned  to offer education to the world wide scope through integrated e-learning technology. We are commited to provide and improve on  our virtual learning facilities.

Mr.Simon Gicharu
MKU, Chairman

The massive investment the university has made in establishing the Virtual Campus confirms our resolve to take education to the people. This is indeed a milestone not just for MKU but for Kenya and the region.

Prof. Stanley Waudo, PhD
Vice Chancellor

The investment in the state-of-the art hub for e-learning in the city centre is a deliberate effort by the university to consolidate its innovative approach in the organization and delivery of academic programmes. The hub serves as a centre for innovation on ICT that will solve local and regional problems.
Prof. George Eshiwani, Ph.D


The virtual campus supports the development for academic programmes in ICT field which is very dynamic. MKU students pursuing distance and e-learning programmes interact with lecturers, submit assignments, generate discussions using blogs and check their academic progressions online. This has created a major virtual learning environment which is not affected by time or distance between the students and professors as long as they have access to the Internet. Both online and offline tools are available on the e-learning platform.

Prof. Kerosi, PhD
DVC- Coordination of Constituent
Colleges,Campuses & Centres


I welcome you all to the MKU Virtual campus. I hope you will find the website informative. MKU Virtual Campus team is on its toes to support all our e-learning students with all the neccessary information. We have laid down interactive ICT systems and technology to serve you better.

Mr. Daniel Gathage
Principal - MKU Virtual Campus